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8 reasons Malaysia is the best place to start your digital business


All About Location

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We are at the heart of the ASEAN region and in direct reach of over 600 million people.


Business Made Easy

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We are rated the world's #1 in obtaining business credit.

When starting a business, there are only 3 procedures to follow and it takes only 6 days to process applications.


Cost-competitive Location

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We are ranked 10th in terms of financial attractiveness compared to other countries in Asia Pacific.


Productive Workforce

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We are ranked 3rd in terms of pay to productivity ratio compared to countries around the world.


Investor Protection

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We are ranked 4th in the world in protecting investors against misuse of corporate assets for personal gain.


Efficient Business Environment

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We are ranked 4th out of 59 economies in business efficiency - outperforming established nations from Europe and the Asian Pacific.


High in FDI Confidence

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We are ranked 10th in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index with wealthy consumer markets and abundant natural resources.


Diverse Cultures

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Diversity is strength in a country of 32 million people - where different ethnic groups come together to work as one.