• Aim to assist both foreign and locally owned technology leaders to operate R&D centres in Malaysia to embark on high-value R&D work in the identified technology areas;
  • Aim to promote the development of high value added ICT products/solutions in identified technology areas, particularly around development and digital transformation of the services sector and other strategic sectors identified at the national level;
  • Is a competitive bidding fund. Fund is awarded to the best bidder(s);
  • Funding preference is given to proposed projects related to these technology areas such as Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud, eCommerce, Security, Games, 3D Printing, Mobile Technology/Computing, Emerging technology areas or combinations of two or more of the said technology areas;
  • Consists of two different Incentives, Incentive 1 and Incentive 2


Incentive 1:

  • Support Research Centres in conducting R&D activities with the outcome of local talent development in R&D skills and deep capabilities
  • Cash incentive of up to RM2 million to support the reimbursement of the following:
    • Up to 40% of monthly salary/wages or total man-days fee of the Foreign researcher(s)/Returning Malaysian researcher(s)/Returned Malaysian researcher(s) (returned to Malaysia for less than 1 year) staffed at the R&D centre; and/or
    • Up to 40% of engagement collaboration cost of local/foreign R&D partner (i.e. universities, research institutions); and/or
    • Up to 40% of IP filing cost

Incentive 2:

  • Support up to 2 ecosystem type of projects with a limit of RM500K per project.
  • The Applicant is required to partner with at least one collaborator per project from the industry, universities or research institutions.
  • The proposed project will lead to the development of high impact, innovative, market driven product/solution and subsequently pilot run in Malaysian incorporated organisation(s)/site(s).
  • The project outcomes must benefit a wider scope of one or more industries, tackling problem statement(s) faced by the industry/industries.
  • Cash incentive of up to RM500K per project to support the reimbursement of the following:
    • Up to 50% of operational (salary, EPF, SOCSO) and capital expenditure cost
    • Up to 50% of IP filing, outsourcing (non-core activities), collaborative R&D cost with local/foreign partners (i.e. university/research institution/company)


Incentive 1 and Incentive 2:

  1. The Applicant:
    1. Is a company incorporated in Malaysia; and
    2. Is not subject to a winding up order; and
    3. Has a paid up capital of at least RM200,000; and
    4. With no going concern issue and/or not dormant; and

  2. The Applicant is not a recipient of, or has previously received any funding for the same deliverable(s) and/or project(s) from MDEC and/or any other government ministries or agencies;
    • Where the Applicant has previously received, any funding(s) for different deliverable(s) and/or project(s) from MDEC and/or any government ministries or agencies, such deliverable(s) and/or project(s) has been completed successfully.

Incentive 2:

  1. Work on the proposed Project to be developed has not started as at the date of application; and
  2. Collaboration agreement(s) has been established between the Applicant with at least one (1) partner (i.e. University / Research Institution / company) at the date of application to collaborate and perform joint development work for the purpose of the Project


Incentive 1:

  1. All approved activities must be conducted in Malaysia during the funding period;
  2. The deliverables are related to talent development in R&D activities and/or research activities i.e. basic/applied research leading to high impact research outcomes;
  3. Research activities must lead to the development of prototypes or proof-of-concepts or innovative products/solutions; and
  4. Mandatory to deliver at least 1 publication

Incentive 2:

  1. All approved activities must be conducted in Malaysia during the funding period;
  2. Non-core activities of the proposed project can only be outsourced to Malaysian incorporated organisations;
  3. Mandatory to deliver at least 1 publication; and
  4. Submission of outcome report of the project 3 to 12 months after project completion


A non-refundable processing fee of RM2,000 (excluding GST) is payable upon submission of the final application documents


RISE Application Process


Please contact our customer service for further details on how to apply for this fund.

MDEC Client Contact Centre (CliC)
Toll free no (within Malaysia): 1-800-88-8338
Tel no (outside Malaysia): +603-83153000